Summer is almost here and every company out there needs to keep up with these summer web design tips.

1-Warm Color Choices. Warm color choices bring in a summer mood and give a positive vibration.

2-Responsive Layout. A mobile friendly factor, and a summer design convenience when hitting the beach.

3-Smiley Images. Show the world a nice big smile! Companies that smile more are known to be more trusted on the net.

4-New Strategy. This summer, take the time and plan out a whole new marketing and design strategy.

5-Keep it light. Being that summer sheds a lot of sunlight, keeping your website minimal can let off some steam.

Digital style is the new evolution in web design. Rocking out with a great web design can ensure that a company receive great honors. Websites that have a good design are seen as to be more professional on the web and they will most likely make the biggest impact to visitors. Being that good websites are in fact ‘good’ they will also satisfy user needs on the web. Read below the 5 Ways to Rock your Website.


1-Themed Color Choices. Always go with a themed design online.

2-Remove Heavy Widgets. Remove all those heavy weighing widgets and set your page free.

3-Share Everywhere. Make your website a bit more ‘social’ and share it everywhere.

4-One Page Design. Long, lean, and professional. A one page design will be made up of 5 pages in 1.

5-Animations. Animations rule visitor satisfaction and website design ranks. Animations produce on page curiosity and they are a great design element.

Use the 5 ways above to rock your website!

Web interactions are like magic.


An interactive website is known to connect with its user by creating design reactions on user mouse events.

An interactive effect makes a visitor think that a website is advanced and the interactive part will seem like magic!

3 Facts about Digital Design

1-Increases Visitor Stay Time

2-Produces a lower bounce rate

3-Makes a website even more popular

emagine web design

Emagine all that you could do with your web design?

Every websites web design is known for its visual quality on the exterior sense of view. The greatest designed websites are always the ones that stand out.

Emagine web design brings great creativity and customization to web design.  We introduce javascript effects and engaging UI Animations to rock that web page! Making a design just a big more abundant and magical for businesses.

Emagine webdesign, a web design company provides the best services on the net.

Website photography is very eye catching and stands out to the first time visitor that lands on a page.

Having quality images on a website can ensure great popularity and opinions from those that view a website.

It is always important to select website images that do represent your brand and at the same time display a great visual image online.

Website photography can be found in a variety of places online today.

A person has the option to make custom photos, take custom photos, buy custom photos, or use a creative commons license and borrow photography.

Instagram and HD Images

-Instagram is used for personal business pictures to show a day to day lifestyle. Some websites add a instagram feed onto their website just to display images on their site as well as on instagram

-HD Images. HD photography is always more visually appealing.


clean code

A clean coded website is certainly known to be built much better than one that isn’t.

What are the main benefits of a clean coded website?

A. The first benefit is its performance. Clean coded sites have very well site performance, this is because the code doesn’t have any messy errors.

B.The second benefit is in chances. Clean coded sites have more room for changes to be made instantly. Every thing on the website is much easier to see and find.

How to clean code a website?

A. Use an online validator to auto clean code

B. Practice a strategy to not ever double code.

C. Add line comments to make source code readable

web images to use

The right kind of captures can attract the right amount of eyes!

A website design must have great photography in order to stand out to any first time visitor that lands on the page.

What are the best pics to use for a website?

1-Business Oriented

2-High Resolution

3-Theme Matching

4-Custom Images that No other Site has.

wordpress seo

WordPress is a custom content management platform. With WP, an individual with no coding experience has the ability to quickly understand the platform and publish new post. Further, wordpress has become not just a blogging platform,but a multi-purpose platform. With wordpress, a person has the ability to create a website for business purposes not just for blogging. WordPress has tons of amazing theme options to select from and great SEO plugins.

Today, the main purpose of this blog is for discovering which plugin is best to select for a wordpress platform. Every plugin is different, not just by the developer who built it, but it has its own custom setting inside. Some people may wish to focus on other SEO elements that a website may or may not be in need of. So, a plugin can differentiate on its internal settings inside.

Our pick of the best plug in to use for your wordpress website.

1-Yoast SEO. Yoast SEO has custom options for meta tags, website title tags, and rss creation. With those items included, Yoast also has a wizard that will automatically set up a website with SEO with only a quick poll.This plugin is very effective and truly amazing.

Find it for download: Yoast Official Download

Setting a user dashboard to a specific color scheme can do the trick to make a software even more interesting.

When companies buy a software, they look for ease and design.

A well designed internal software is proven to sell faster than one that doesn’t focus on detail when it comes to design

Dashboard Color Setting for Users and Businesses

Select a color scheme that contains no more than 3 shades

Plain colors with vibrant accents work the best in design

Light Blue, Gray, and White are 3 most used color trends for dashboards.