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What do you define as engaging on a website?

There are different ideas that people and web designers may get when it comes to defining what is an engaging web design. When it comes down to it, there is really one form to create and interactive and engaging web design. What is that? That is UI/UX animated designs. Those type of designs are truly the best ways to produce great animations and user engagement. Even CSS can’t create this cool effect. CSS has only power to create small effects like hover effects, but Javascript can do¬†wonders!


Did you know that website engagement will increase the visitor stay time significantly?

This is a proven study. A regular individual who is online and site browsing will stay longer on an interactive page as it is more interesting and will spark up curiosity!



PHP is a syntax used for web design.

With PHP, a designer has the ability to create a multitude of different kinds of websites. Everything from a regular website to an e-commerce website is possible with PHP. Even facebook is created with PHP. This can prove just how dynamic PHP really ease.

Quick Background History

PHP stands for Hypertext PreProcessor. Being that the word PreProcessor was one word, the Hypertext couldn’t fit in the middle as it would have a different definition.

PHP is a server side scripting language.

The Last PHP version was released March 16, 2017


PHP: Yay or Nay?

A PHP web design is most defiantly a YAY

PHP can work with companies of any size and built almost anything that a developer can think up. PHP is a dynamic and swift language.

Website photography is very eye catching and stands out to the first time visitor that lands on a page.

Having quality images on a website can ensure great popularity and opinions from those that view a website.

It is always important to select website images that do represent your brand and at the same time display a great visual image online.

Website photography can be found in a variety of places online today.

A person has the option to make custom photos, take custom photos, buy custom photos, or use a creative commons license and borrow photography.

Instagram and HD Images

-Instagram is used for personal business pictures to show a day to day lifestyle. Some websites add a instagram feed onto their website just to display images on their site as well as on instagram

-HD Images. HD photography is always more visually appealing.